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Precision Health

The Precision Health Nurse Practitioner led clinic is a private primary care centre focused on timely prevention of chronic disease and improvement of overall health and wellness. The Precision Health Nurse Practitioner team provides healthy lifestyle support for mental health and wellness as well as people looking for help with diabetes, weight management, smoking cessation, prenatal education and Well Child exams, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and more.

What’s the Difference?

The Precision Health Nurse Practitioner Clinic is different from the Pure North Program. While both are dedicated to helping people live their healthiest life, the Precision Health Nurse Practitioner Clinic provides primary care support.

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses that have undertaken graduate education and training in advanced clinical practice. They provide a crucial role in assessment, screening, healthy lifestyle support, education and chronic disease management all with the goal of improving health outcomes and facilitating access to services.

  • Complete a comprehensive health history and assessment
  • Formulate and communicate a diagnosis, taking a differential diagnosis into consideration
  • Prescribe medications
  • Order diagnostic imaging tests
  • Set and cast fractures and dislocated joints
  • Order and interpret all laboratory tests
  • Admit, treat and discharge patients from hospitals
  • Specialist referrals as needed

Preventative Health

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) at Precision Health are focused on preventative health and wellness strategies rather than strictly acute care. Like medical doctors, NPs are able to diagnose and treat disease, but they are also trained to educate patients about preventative strategies, including lifestyle modifications and nutrition.

NPs weave prevention and wellness into every exam they give, and they are careful to take their time to get a complete patient history. NPs at Precision Health take pride in seeing beyond the complaint that brought the patient in and making sure that all of a patient’s needs are being met and cared for.


Patient education is at the center of prevention and wellness. NPs not only screen, diagnose and manage a patient’s current conditions, but they also focus on educating the patient for prevention of future conditions. They provide appropriate educational information and encourage regular follow-up visits to monitor progress and modify wellness plans.

Free 15 minute consult available to interested patients to discuss options

(does not include assessment, treatment or plan) Family pricing is available

Adult Membership

$2500 Annually

  • Prompt appointments, unrushed consultation, preventative medical counselling, monthly chart review, telemedicine, phone refills, and unlimited appointments
  • Women’s wellness including bioidentical hormone therapy
  • Includes children under 12 years at no additional charge
  • Health assessment, physical and relevant labs (blood work on site)
  • Nutritional counselling, sensitivity testing and educational seminars
  • Tanita body composition assessment and plan development for weight loss
  • Includes vitamin D and vitamin B12 testing
  • Botox treatment for migraine and pain (TMJ) therapy
  • Access to high quality nutritional supplements, heavy metal testing and reduction
  • Access to a variety of investigations at additional charge (including SIBO, adrenal and hormone saliva testing)
  • Nutritional consult with a Naturopathic doctor $275
  • Genetic testing interpretation $275
  • Family pricing is available. Please call the office for details.

Extensive Health Assessment

No membership required!
$600 for 2 part appointments

Initial Consultation (90 minutes)

  • Full physical exam and screening
  • Extensive blood testing (including Vitamin D) based on individual needs
  • Further appointments may be required at the Nurse Practitioners discretion (for an additional fee)
  • Review of medical history
  • Preventative health education
  • Body composition testing and analysis
  • Nutrition and diet counselling
  • Additional screening as required

Follow-up Appointment (60 minutes)

  • In-depth review of all previous diagnostic tests
  • Individually tailored health plan based on specific needs
  • Referral to specialist(s) as required
  • Access to high quality supplements
  • Further follow up appointments may be recommended for an additional fee

family Memberships

  • Membership for two adults and children <12 years


  • Membership for two adults and children 13-18 years


Nurse Practitioner Access

Via Pure North Plans

As a Pure North member you have access to Precision Health primary care services. Platinum and Gold member participants have some access to Precision Health already included in their Pure North plan. In addition, all Pure North program members have the option of paying for services individually or joining an annual Precision Health plan. Please see below.

  • Two 30-minute appointments included in Platinum plan
  • One 30-minute appointment included in Gold plan

Additional Consults (available for all Pure North plan members):

  • $75 for 15 minutes
  • $140 for 30 minutes
  • $210 for 45 minutes
  • $275 for 1 hour

Fees for Services

  • Botox therapy: TMJ: $100 per treatment (30 min.) Migraine: $200 per treatment (45-60 min)
  • Bioidentical HRT: $140 per treatment (30 min)
  • Sick note: $35
  • Medical paperwork and forms: $50
  • Insurance medical: $150
  • Cryotherapy: $35 per visit
  • Ear lavage: $40
  • Suture/staple removal: $50
  • Copy of chart: $25
  • Immunizations/Injections: $35
  • No show/cancellation: $50 per half hour booked of appointment time


"I joined Precision Health because the medical profession was not able to help me. It seems they are equipped for crisis care and my symptoms do not register on their critical assessment scales. So far it [the staff] have been very friendly and I’m hopeful"
“The best care. I am so happy. I received the blood work I needed. My problems were identified and I feel so much better. The right supplements were recommended in my healing, not just something for the symptoms. The Staff is professional, friendly and patient. The best care I have received was here.”
“I joined Precision Health because they understand alternative treatments that not all western doctors acknowledge. I like having my vitamin D level monitored and my family doctor can’t do that.”
“I love the approach and [their] help, especially how to support my health from a holistic way.”
“I like the integrated approach to healthcare including [their] focus on preventative medicine.”
“I’m very happy with their overall approach and attitude regarding my health. They practice “Preventative Medicine” including detailed blood work.”
Contact us

You can send us a message via the form here or email our friendly staff directly on:

403 457 5082 (fax: 403 984 5217) or email

Our Hours

Our office is open 8am to 4pm
Monday to Thursday.

our location

Our office is conveniently located in the Calgary beltline at Suite 800, 326 11th Ave SW. 

Hourly street parking is available from 9-3, and private paid parking lots are within close walking distance.

Our office is also a 10 minute walk from the 3rd and 4th street CTrain stations.

Bus stop #5581 servicing lines 13, 90 and 449 are directly in front of our building.